We believe that slow fashion has the power to remedy the social and environmental devastation the industry is accountable for.

We believe in circularity and responsible and transparent supply chains.

We will use a pre-order model to alleviate waste, and in the future we will work towards introducing a made-to-order service on selected styles, whilst always considering the use of dead stock fabrics in our development process.

We will use plastic-free packaging and materials that have sustainable qualities where possible, such as TENCEL and Modal fibres, and that are produced in a small number of selected factories with high levels of social responsibility.

We will source materials and produce as close to the customer as possible and where that still is not possible we will offset our carbon footprint.

We have a long-term vision to be carbon neutral. The business will have a stated aim to continuously improve its sustainability credentials.

We will look to invest in innovative manufacturing and sustainable materials to reduce waste.

We are a small brand with big values and whilst we may make mistakes along the way we are thinking positively and acting consciously.